Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 6


Lorra said...

Hey Guys, I look forward to checking on you every day. I tried to comment before but it didn't take. We miss you. Take care and be careful! Lorra

Anonymous said...

Max & Mark,

We hope you enjoyed your time in Oregon; we wake up and check out your progress every morning. Hope to see you back here again soon.

Karl & Fritz

elisabeth said...

I got behind on the videos so I can only really say...umm..that was a pretty mountain you were going near in Oregon.

Sounds like the pre-trip spinning paid off and the legs are holding up.


--I should be posting again on my blog soon with After-India comments and more photos if I can bring myself to confront The Technology.

Jessie said...

Hey guys, I miss you and thought I was doing OK by riding 58 miles today on the trail...but you do twice that! I had 3 days in a row riding and I am sore!
XXXOOO, Jessie