Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 22: Rapid City, SD to Wall, SD -WALL DRUG!

Check out the Miller's Live Map of our trip.
And read the other Blogs our riders have been keeping.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen Kraft said...
love the video's, see you cheated a little on that 3-man bike, ha ha!looks like a lot of beautiful places to see...I'm jealous. Have a great tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Max and Mark,

After a spell of traveling, I have been catching up on the droll dual on your very own home computer drinking your very own Honey Porter. We appreciate the hospitality. I spent an evening in Caspar once and always wanted to know what a day would be like. Your report confirmed my suspicions. Also interesting to discover that not a thing has changed about Wall Drug, since I visited some decades ago. (Well, I suppose that they do sell some computer related stuff.)

We look forward to following the further adventures and commentary of Max and Mark (worthy successors to Bob and Ray, of ancient radio fame).

Uncle Bob